TAP 20 is < 5cm in diameter - similar in size to a stethoscope chest piece.

TAP Products

Lead Product: TAP20-C Improves Blood Sample Collection and Patient Experience

In many care settings, blood collection can be a significant barrier to testing compliance, can create anxiety and discomfort for patients as well as disrupt workflow.

TAP 20-C™, Seventh Sense's lead product in development, collects up to 20 micro liters of whole blood – a sufficient volume for many routine blood tests. It also has several advantages over current finger stick methods, such as:

In addition to TAP20-C™, Seventh Sense is developing several additional products. The company is in the process of developing products that collect greater volumes of blood and an array of products that will integrate both blood collection and analysis into one platform.

Products presented in this website are not available for sale or distribution and are limited to clinical investigational use only.
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